WeCatch for Pokémon GO – Radar & Map

A few time ago it was pubished in the channel MyAppWorld, another good video “WeCatch for Pokémon GO – Radar & Map”.

As informed by MyAppWorld: “WeCatch is a useful tool which powered by Pokémon GO community (Pokémon GO fans and lovers). The idea is to bring people together and share information immediately via the App. The followings are the main features:

1. Receive push notifications of rare Pokémon’s location (Must login and filter first).

2. Search / Track Pokémon around map area in real time and allow users to choose the Pokémon they are interested in showing on the map.

3. Easily share the Pokémon you found with your friends or alert nearby users.

4. Create gym events and invite teammates to play together to approach the level you want.

5. Create your own markers and customize your personal hotspots.

Thank you so much for your support!”

You can check the video below:

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