The History of Avatar Customization in Roblox

Just a few minutes ago it was pubished in the channel Eppobot, the video “The History of Avatar Customization in Roblox”.

As pubished by Eppobot: “Roblox is known for goofy avatar designs and variety of customization options. But as we know, this wasn’t the case back in 2006. In this video, I will explain how this progression happened. I will talk about t-shirts, hats, shirts and pants, faces, head shapes, packages, gears, r15 and more!

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Disclaimer: Even though I made a lot of research, it is very likely I got something wrong. I collected a lot of information from many different sources, which is the reason I maybe got something wrong. So I recommend keeping this in mind. Thanks for understanding.

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You can check the video below:

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