It was just revealed in the channel Daniel Reads Memes, another video “ROBLOX MEMES 5”.

As informed in the youtube page by Daniel Reads Memes: “r/GoCommitDie Meme compilation, roblox meme compilation, please subscribe

if this is what area 51 is hiding from us, i’ll buy the flight to america, look for the gummy bear album, in stores on november 13th, i have written the bible 2, i killed mufasa, free punjabi download, oh, you have a supreme shirt, i dont answer you, wanna be friends, i see no god up here except me, let me talk to the c e o of racism, minorities are not of priority, say sike right now, acceration, yes, i never understand, people this place as their life, aren’t we all just single strand of code without any form, i mean oof, hey guys im going to mcdonalds, you want anything,

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You can check the video below:

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