A few minutes ago it was pubished by the Youtuber Kaos Kaki Bandung, the amazing video “ROBLOX FREE ROBUX LIVE – GIFTING ROBUX & PROMO CODES LIVE 🔴”.

As informed in the description by Kaos Kaki Bandung: “FREE ROBUX GIVEAWAY TO SUBSCRIBERS – ROBLOX LIVE STREAM

Hello you dear viewers.
Today I will show you how to get robux for free by using the latest roblox hack. Follow all the steps in the video and you can get robux free for your roblox user without any problem. How It Works ? Very simple! Like and subscribe to the channel, visit the site that appears in the video (
The site works on every platform and is always updated 2019

1. Press the LIKE button
2. Subscribe to my channel
3. Write !Robux on the chat

Disclaimer for YouTube: This livestream giveaway promotion on the Kaos Kaki Bandung channel has been cleared for use by my YouTube Partner Manager on 9/20/2019 and does not violate any Community Guidelines or break the Terms of Service. The giveaway shown is 100% legitimate and real, we pick hundreds of winners a day using our chat bot to determine eligibility.

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You can check the video below:

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