Roblox avatar glitch! 2019, working glitch. (READ DESC)

A few time ago it was uploaded by the Youtuber Mookooow9 99, the great video “Roblox avatar glitch! 2019, working glitch. (READ DESC)”.

As informed in the description by Mookooow9 99: “Since it wasnt very clear, heres the instructions:

1: go to the profile you want to use.
2: copy their id from the url
3:go to avatar
4:right click “3D/2D”
5:click inspect
6:click the code ontop of the one that is highlited
7:click it until you get the id of your roblox account
8:delete that
9:replace it with your copied id
10:do that to the other one
11: click the X at the top right of the inspect element
12: click 3d/2d
13: troll people, have fun!”

You can check the video below:

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