Roblox Auto Piano Player – Tutorial and Download

A few time ago it was revealed in the channel Russkiy_Operator, another good video “Roblox Auto Piano Player – Tutorial and Download”.

As informed by Russkiy_Operator: “Download:
VirusTotal of MIDI Player:
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I haven’t posted in a while, but while playing Roblox, I found this auto piano player, which converts any midi file into keyboard strokes. This midi player is not mine. Credit is given above.

Why should you use this instead of AHK (Auto Hotkey)? Well, there are three reasons:
1. AHK uses only a set delay between each key stroke. It has only one tempo. For instance, if the set delay is ‘100,’ each note will be played apart from each other with a delay of ‘100.’ This is a problem for songs that include timing.
2. AHK cannot play multiple key strokes simultaneously. AHK takes one key, plays it, waits, then plays the next key, etc. This midi player can perform multiple keys at the same time, allowing for spectacular songs such as “Snow Halation” shown in the video.
3. AHK only takes virtual piano sheet music. If you can’t find a song, you either have to give up or manually find the notes yourself. With this midi player, you can play any midi available (obviously, not every song will be available to play, but the amount of songs playable is vastly different to AHK).

The files are completely safe (you can see Malwarebytes on my taskbar, and, yes, I do have the premium version). You can view the VirusTotal of the files in the links above.


You can check the video below:

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