Pokemon Go Hack Spoof on Any Android No Downgrading big Vic 5bn

A few minutes ago it was pubished in the channel Bigvic7bn, the great video “Pokemon Go Hack Spoof on Any Android No Downgrading big Vic 5bn”.

As informed by Bigvic7bn: “Bigvic5bn other channel
Big Vic 5bn








Pokemon Go Apk


After installing VMOS, open the app, and you’ll need to activate root, go to configurations-System-About Phone- click seven times “Build Number” to activate developer options. Go back to the System option, go to Developer Options, and search for “USB Debugging” and root just below. Activate both! Now, restart the VM and import the apk downloaded previously (there’s an folder icon below the screen, between internet browser icon and config icon), there you’ll be able to import those files, they’ll be installed automatically.

LOGIN TO PLAY STORE AND GO TO SETTINGS AND TURN OFF PLAY PROTECT N THEN YOU CAN INSTALL LUCKY. After that, open Lucky Patcher, search for Cyberdroid (or gpsjoystick, if you downloaded them), click and search tools-move to /systemapp, confirm in next screen. After that, will prompt to reboot Android, click NO! *VERY IMPORTANT*

WARNING * READ EVERYTHING ABOVE!!!Mock locations must be BLANK! This prevents “unable to detect location” error!

With this steps, the game will work, but you get blue screen after some minutes, to resolve this, with root activated on VMOS, install ES explorer (not root explorer, because PoGo recognize everything with “Root” name for blue screen) and go to the root folder (just “/” on local adress) go to system and delete xbin folder. Deactivate root after that (you can leave usb debugging on) and restart VMOS. It worked here, tested for hours and no signal of blue screen of death XD

” Install Es Explorer inside vmos (Google Its apk)

Once inside Es Explorer, press on the menu at the top left corner.

Enable root Explorer.

Then press on the part that shows how much storage you have left.

It will open your regular internal storage, it Will show you a route like for example ” / storage emulated”

You press on the “/” it Will take you to the root folder, Then search for system folder, inside it you Will find the xbin folder that you must delete.

After deleting, unroot vmos and reset it.

Then open vmos again, put a location on your GPS app, go outside vmos, open pogo, let your account load, exit pogo and open it up inside vmos and play happily.

Remember Its an emulator, risks are higher with this.””

You can check the video below:

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