Pokemon Go:版本0.153.0程序碼内容!! 第五代,合衆之石,對戰搜尋器!!

A few minutes ago it was uploaded in the channel LucklessChannel, another amazing video “Pokemon Go:版本0.153.0程序碼内容!! 第五代,合衆之石,對戰搜尋器!!”.

As informed by LucklessChannel: “第一個擁有第五代内容的版本即將登場!除了第五代寶可夢,還有的就是新道具以及新進化物品!


New in v0.153.0: Gen V, VS Seeker, Route Maker, Unova Stone, Buddy V2 System, Competitive Play and more

PVP賽季.. 個人不太感興趣”

You can check the video below:

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