Overworld berry glitch in Pokémon Go!

Just a few minutes ago it was posted in the channel BlisseyIsTheBest10, the video “Overworld berry glitch in Pokémon Go!”.

As pubished by BlisseyIsTheBest10: “To preform this glitch, to the following:

1 encounter any Pokémon, Tangela isn’t the only Pokémon this works on

2 drag the quick catch menu and don’t let go

3 throw a ball at the Pokémon and wait for the ball the wobble 3 times, since I spoof I knew I was gonna catch the Tangela so I knew ahead of time

4 lets go of the menu instantly after three wobbles and don’t close the berry menu. Keep going with what you do normally and the berry menu should be on the overworld.

5 select a berry and exit the menu.

6 tap away on the berry, every time you tap the screen a new berry will appear.

To end this glitch, encounter a wild Pokémon.

This does NOT effect the berries currently in your collection so feel free to tap away and feed your trainer berries. This glitch is completely useless.”

You can check the video below:

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