Moments ago it was pubished by the Youtuber Axael TV, the video “MOMENTS FUNS, BEST-OF, COMPILE DES ABONNES sur BRAWL STARS || Partagez !!”.

As informed in the description by Axael TV: “Envoyez moi vos meilleurs clips ! Le meilleur clip sera récompensé par une carte iTunes ou GooglePlay de 15€ !!!

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I had to go so I decided that I’d try to end the match early. #antiteaming from Brawlstars

Buff Crow? Nah… BUFF EVERYONE from Brawlstars

Leon Quad Feed! from Brawlstars

Never spin too early. from Brawlstars

12kills! I killed everyone in duo. (450 trophies) from Brawlstars

You had one job from Brawlstars

Gene never fails to surprise me… from Brawlstars

the clutchessss from Brawlstars

wAm bAm hERe cOmEs a Creature of the Night from Brawlstars

The Most DISRESPECTFUL Taunt Ever from Brawlstars

Just Dynamike from Brawlstars

Gene Gambling from Brawlstars

The matrix school of dodging things from Brawlstars

Musique de fin :
Home Base Groove par Kevin MacLeod est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution
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You can check the video below:

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