MAX Sandy 1v1 against EVERY Brawler | His Super is BROKEN

It was just uploaded in the channel Lex – Brawl Stars, another great video “MAX Sandy 1v1 against EVERY Brawler | His Super is BROKEN”.

As informed in the youtube page by Lex – Brawl Stars: “Today we pit Sandy vs every brawler 1v1 in Brawl Stars. While fighting 1v1 battles he is pretty average and fights similar to Nita I show you some ways to dominate with his super which is INSANELY OP in Siege and other places too.

This new Legendary Brawler coming to Brawl Stars is pretty awesome and I can’t wait to unlock and Max him out. If you want to see that and more sneak peeks coming be sure to subscribe!

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