He s #1 In the WORLD with THIS TOXIC DECK! 🤢🏆

Just a few minutes ago it was revealed in the channel CWA Mobile Gaming, another amazing video “He’s #1 In the WORLD with THIS TOXIC DECK! 🤢🏆”.

As pubished in the youtube video by CWA Mobile Gaming: “Toxic Royal Giant Hog Sparky Deck | CWA Mobile Gaming
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Clash Royale’s pro tips series continues on CWA Mobile Gaming! Today we’ll take a look at the #1 ladder deck in Clash Royale. Use this TOXIC and OP trophy pushing deck and you’re sure to piss off your opponent while having a ton of success. It combos Sparky, Royal Giant, and Hog rider all in one deck with the fireball bait of barbarians and minion horde! Today we’ll have some live ladder, replays, and even CWA will jump into the arena to have some fun! Enjoy!

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