Candy Crush Saga – The Party Booster

Just a few time ago it was pubished by the channel Johnny Crush, another video “Candy Crush Saga – The Party Booster”.

As pubished in the youtube video by Johnny Crush: “A new booster will be available soon. It is locked on mobile devices, but some players can already use it as part of a test. It is called the Party booster and will be usable by players on level 29 and above. The booster removes one layer of everything on the board, (like the Color Bomb/Color Bomb combo) and then spawns 4 random Special Candies that are activated. King will run a give-away campaign between 14th – 23rd November and during this time the users will get 3 Party boosters. Once the player has received the party boosters, and starts a game round, a tutorial will be shown. The tutorial will activate one Party booster to show the effect and it is unknown at this time if this removes a booster from the players’ inventory.”

You can check the video below:

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