Candy Crush Friends Saga – Level 1443

A few minutes ago it was pubished in the channel Poke Candy, another video “Candy Crush Friends Saga – Level 1443”.

As informed by Poke Candy: “Poke Candy plays Candy Crush Friends Saga!
An all new adventure from games.
Candy Crush Friends Saga is the brand-new puzzle game in the Candy Crush series. It’s sweeter than ever! Yeti, Tiffi and a delicious cast of friends are on hand to help you smash through levels with their sweet abilities.

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Available Characters

1. Tiffi
About: Tiffi is the mischievous six-year-old ball of enthusiasm who accidentally fell into the Candy Kingdom and brought chaos into Mr. Toffee’s orderly world.
Although she eventually wants to get home, she’s happy to stick around for adventure, exploration and of course, Candy!
Costumes: Tiffi the Tiger (Rare), Tiffi the Vampire (Legendary), Tiffi the Astronaut (Epic), Tiffi the Dragon (Rare), Tiffi the Turkey (Epic), Tiffi the Pig (Epic)
Power: Puts 3 Fish on the board (collect 10 red candies)

2. Yeti
About: Enormously strong, yet riddled with anxieties. Yeti is a lovable lunkhead who came from the game “Yeti Trap”, where he was constantly hunted.
He meditates and does yoga to try to control his fears and his enormous yeti appetite.
Costumes: Yeti the Clown (Rare), Yeti the Warewolf (Epic), Yeti the Santa (Legendary), Yeti the Cow (Rare), Galaxy Yeti (Legendary)
Power: Puts 1 Wrapped Candy on the board (collect 12 light blue candies)

3. Nutcracker
About: The Nutcracker was a member of a Christmas toy set before he fell into the Candy Kingdom.
He believes he’s been taken prisoner in this strange world, but since he met Tiffi, he’s not sure he wants to go back home.
Costumes: Nutcracker the Squirrel (Rare), Nutcracker the Skeleton (Rare), Nutcracker the Robot (Rare), Nutcracker the Leprechaun (Legendary), Nutcracker the Gentleman (Epic), Nutcracker the King of Hearts (Legendary), Nutcracker the Prince of Diamonds (Legendary), Nutcracker as Mr. Toffee (Epic)
Power: Does extra damage to Caramel Cup Blockers (collect 10 blue candies)

4. Misty the Unicorn
About: Misty the Unicorn is blessed with the kind of unparalleled self-importance you’d expect from a rare, beautiful creature.
So whatever you do, do NOT call her a horse.
Costumes: Misty the Pop Star (Rare), Misty the Superhero (Rare), Misty the Beachgoer (Epic), Misty the Reindeer (Epic)
Power: Puts random Special Candies on the board (collect 15 orange candies)

5. Odus the Owl
About: Odus the Owl is old and wise. Well, he’s old anyway. Unfortunately, he lost his spectacles and can’t read a word without them.
To make up for this, he relies on his dubious memory to dispense questionable advice.
Costumes: Odus the Magician (Rare), Odus the Tropical Bird (Rare), Odus the Adventurer (Rare), Odus the Chick (Rare)
Power: Puts 2 Striped Candies on the board (collect 8 purple candies)

6. Red Rabbit
About: Red Rabbit always wanted to run and run fast. Now that he’s in Candy Town, he delights in daily speed sprints and is ready to follow his dream of becoming a famous rockstar.
Costumes: Red Rabbit the Farmer (Rare), Red Rabbit the Easter Bunny (Rare), Red Rabbit the Fox (Epic), Red Rabbit the Rockstar (Rare)
Power: Does extra damage to Mint Blockers (collect 10 red candies)

7. Dachs the Donut Dog
About: Dachs the Donut Dog has a terrible memory, so he often forgets where he buried his chocolate bones and candy keys.
Costumes: Dachs the Elf (Rare), Dachs the Police Dog (Epic), Dachs the Caterpillar (Epic)
Power: Does damage to Blockers under Cookies (collect 10 green candies)

8. Olivia the Octopus
About: A natural-born musician, singer and comedienne. Olivia is a versatile and ambitious octopus with a dream in her heart.
She loves to cook and is always ready with a song or a delicious dish to lift everyone’s spirits.
Costumes: NA
Power: Does damage to Gummy Blockers (collect 10 purple candies)

9. Bubblegum Troll
About: Bubblegum Troll is obsessed with his own achievements and thinks he should be in charge, so he constantly plots to steal Mr. Toffee’s job as mayor of candy Town.
Costumes: “King” Bubblegum Troll (Epic)
Power: Puts explosive Bubble Blast Candies on the board (collect 12 yellow candies)

10. Rachel the Racoon
About: Rachel is an artist in the fullest sense; emotional, impulsive, expressive. She was originally an instructor in a paint-by-numbers kit, and the Sweet Candy Kingdom constantly inspires her to paint outside the lines!
Power: Puts a colorful Rainbow Candy on the board (collect 12 green candies)”

You can check the video below:

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