Candy Crush Addiction Rehabilitation Institute

It was just pubished by the Youtuber Bernie Flick, the great video “Candy Crush Addiction Rehabilitation Institute”.

As pubished by Bernie Flick: “Bernie uses a brilliant idea sent in by Susan in Rogers, MN to create a hilarious spoof about a Rehab Center for Candy Crush addicts. If you or any of your friends can’t stop playing Candy Crush, you gotta watch!

Alec Tricity – Dave Osborn/Bernie Flick
Mom – Stacey Arney
Daughter – Meghan Rigdon
Dad – Kip Kieso
Son – Matthew Osborn

A special thanks to Chris Rigdon for consulting us on the rules of Candy Crush Saga!


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Premise of the show: Bernie Flick and his staff from B. Flick Films found themselves out of work in Episode One, when Bernie stumbled into an opportunity to have his own segment called, “Flick’s Funnies” on Hollywood Cable’s “The Chuckle Channel”. There is only one problem, Bernie and his staff couldn’t be funny if their lives depended on it! Now, Bernie’s only chance to save his new job is to start his own YouTube Channel/Web Show entitled “You Write the Script”, post Vlogs and videos in order to build a large group of subscribers, and steal their ideas for funny videos, so B. Flick Films can produce the videos to go in their Chuckle Channel time slot. You too can be a part of the show by submitting your idea for a funny short video. Go to in order to submit your funny idea and vote for your favorite submitted ideas! The best submissions will get their idea made into a video and get a mention on the show or get their channel recommended by Bernie.
(Disclaimer: Neither “Flick’s Funnies” nor “The Chuckle Channel” really exist! This is all for fun, so please don’t try to sue us when your funny idea doesn’t get on TV and you don’t get discovered by a famous Comedy Producer to be on his writing staff!)”

You can check the video below:

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