buddy catch assist shiny Burmy in Plant Cloak [Great curveball throw]

It was just pubished in the channel J M, another amazing video “buddy catch assist shiny Burmy in Plant Cloak [Great curveball throw]”.

As informed by J M: “Used buddy assist to catch a shiny Burmy in plant cloak with great curveball throw bonus in the Pokemon Go game. This is an edited video showing the beginning 17 seconds and the last 40 seconds. The total time to capture it with just buddy catch assist took 6 minutes. Burmy do not have much ‘attack animation’ in the wild, and it’s a bit more difficult to get buddy catch assist triggered with Burmy. \n\nCheck out what Burmy actually look like under the cloak at https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Burmy_(Pokémon)\n\nIt is actually a small larval Pokémon with a black segmented body and a coiled antenna on top of its head. Burmy comes in three different cloaks: plant (green), sandy (beige), and trash (pink). \n\nThe shiny form of the plant cloak isn’t impressive as you can’t really tell them apart – needed the background sparkles and the highlight lettering at the end of the capture to tell you it’s a shiny.”

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