Brawl Stars UPDATE Dec 2017!! | NEW Upgrades EXPLAINED!! | 2 NEW Game Modes and MORE!!

Just a few time ago it was uploaded in the channel KairosTime Gaming, another good video “Brawl Stars UPDATE Dec 2017!! | NEW Upgrades EXPLAINED!! | 2 NEW Game Modes and MORE!!”.

As informed by KairosTime Gaming: “The Brawl Stars Update Dec 2017 is basically HERE! With the new Brawl Talk, you’re bound to have questions about the NEW UPGRADE system, the new Brawl Box System, the 2 NEW Gamemodes, and SO MUCH MORE! This video covers all of the information I’m ALLOWED to cover, but there’s MORE to come!

In this update, Chips and Elixir are being replaced with Gems and Tokens. Tokens let you purchase Pins, Badges, Medals, Crests, and Special Abilities BUFF your Bralwers! Each Brawler is getting a unique SPECIAL ABILITY!

Special Abilities I CAN tell you:
– Colt Runs Faster
– Jessie Shoots her turret to heal it
– Spike’s super heals him for TONS of HP
– Shelly gets a permanent pet
– Tera summons an Alien
– Bo gives EVERYONE on his team a 5 tile sight range in grass

Brawl Boxes will now drop Pins, Badges, Medals, Crests, Special Abilities, Tokens, and Tickets to enter into 2 NEW Game Modes!

Boss Brawl – Monster Hunt = A 1 v 5 UNRANKED game mode where the Monster hits harder and has TONS more HP!

Survival – Robot Rumble = 3 vs waves of bots that get progressively harder the longer you and your safe survives!

A NEW Brawler named Darryl (Barrel Bot) is coming to Brawl Stars! He shoots 2 double barrel shot guns that has a nice wide spread. He’s super tanky, and has a pin-ball like super ability!

Also coming to this update:
– Friendly Battles
– New UI, Music, Leaderboard
– So MUCH more!

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You can check the video below:

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