Brawl Stars Funny Moments – Leon’s Moves

A few time ago it was posted by the channel Bat Jonny ツ, another great video “Brawl Stars Funny Moments – Leon’s Moves”.

As pubished in the youtube page by Bat Jonny ツ: “Hey Guys! Welcome back to another Trash Brawl Stars video coming from me!
Credits for clips (In video order)
Robot ruins siege

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined from Brawlstars

Firework poco

Today I became a firework from Brawlstars

Rocket eats crow

You can do this rocket from BrawlStarsClips

Leon jukes

The Jukes. from BrawlStarsClips

Triple kill colt

A Pro Colt be like: from Brawlstars

Dynamike and his star power

Totally used Dynamike’s Star Power from Brawlstars

Music (In video order)

Kevin Macleod – “Aurea Carmina”
Kevin Macleod – “Jaunty Gumption”
Kevin Macleod – “Electrodoodle”
Two steps from hell – Moving Mountains
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
Kevin Macleod – “Faster Does It”
Kevin Macleod – “Sneaky Adventure”
Dj Quads – It’s Near (Aster Soundtrack)”

You can check the video below:

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