A few time ago it was uploaded by Milo Kolb, another great video “BEGINNER BUILDING TIPS and TRICKS for fortnite MOBILE!!”.

As informed by Milo Kolb: “My username is Milo Kolb-yt
On that account I will only play with you when I’m live, and we won’t be able to 1v1, talk to each other, or play duos.
If you want to play duos, 1v1, or talk then you have to donate to 5 dollars to my stream and then message me on my instagram (milo_kolb) that you did, and send a Screenshot of your donation to me (or discord or Snapchat) Then I will add you on my main account and play with you when ever I’m online.

IF YOU DONT HAVE MONEY then you need to join my livestream 10 times and screenshot you on every time and send the screenshots to me on any of my social media’s (they are down below)
Social medias:
Instagram: milo_kolb
YT Instagram: milokolbyt
Discord: milokolb#0895
Snapchat: milokolb
Twitter: milokolb”

You can check the video below:

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