*FAVORITE New Clash Royale Deck: Log Bait Electro Spirit Gameplay – Live Battles

Just a few minutes ago it was pubished by the Youtuber Mars Ultimate Gaming, the amazing video “*FAVORITE New Clash Royale Deck: Log Bait Electro Spirit Gameplay – Live Battles”.

As pubished by Mars Ultimate Gaming: “Link to support the channel:\nhttps://www.patreon.com/MarsUltimateGaming\n\nMy Clash Royale Clan tag: #PRR2P2P2\n\nIn today’s video I have a Log Bait Electro Spirit deck in Clash Royale. This is my favorite new deck for trophy pushing on ladder. This log bait deck with the electro spirit has great defense with the tesla, snowball, dart goblin and of course the brand new Clash Royale card: the electro spirit. This log bait deck has a very fast cycle at 3.1 elixir, and you can always get back to the counters you need for defense. The electro spirit is a fun card to use and it’s actually very strong! I love using the electro spirit to reset charging cards like the prince, or destroy swarm cards like skeleton army or minion horde. I hope you all enjoy today’s log bait electro spirit deck gameplay as I push trophies from 5,650 to almost 5,750!\nIf you’re a fan of Clash Royale then I know you’ll be a fan of my channel too.\nSubscribe for brand new Clash Royale videos every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday!”

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