Candy Crush Saga – Level 4880 – No boosters ☆☆☆

Just a few time ago it was revealed in the channel Candy Crushers, another amazing video “Candy Crush Saga – Level 4880 – No boosters ☆☆☆”.

As pubished in the youtube page by Candy Crushers: “Learn how to pass Candy Crush Saga Level 4880. No boosters used! The episode of Gummy Gardens. \n\nAll Gummy Gardens levels:\n\n—————————————-­—————————————-­——————–\nFollow on Facebook:\nFollow on Twitter:\nFollow on Pinterest:\nFollow on Google+:\n—————————————-­—————————————-­——————–\n\nCandy Crush Saga is a \”match-three\” game, where the core gameplay is based on swapping two adjacent candies among several on the gameboard as to make a row or column of at least 3 matching-colored candies. On this match, the matched candies are removed from the board, and candies above them fall into the empty spaces, with new candies appearing from the top of the board. This may create a new matched set of candies, which is automatically cleared in the same manner. The player scores points for these matches and gains progressively more points for chain reactions. Additionally, creating matches of four or more candies will create a special candy that, when matched, can clear a row, column, or other section of the board.\n\nThe game is split among many levels, which must be completed in sequence. Each level poses a different challenge to the user, such as achieving a minimum score in a fixed number of moves or clearing candies in a fixed number of moves to bring special ingredients to the bottom of the board. Boards have a number of different configurations and may include special spaces that have their own unique rules, such as spaces covered with jelly that must be cleared by making a match on that space. If the player meets the level’s goal, they will be given from one to three stars based on their score and can proceed onto the next level. Otherwise, they will lose one life and must try again. If the player runs out of lives, they have to wait for some period of real-world time while their lives regenerate before attempting the level again. Completed levels can be replayed if desired.\n\nThe game consists of a number of episodes which are expanded weekly. Usually an episode has 15 levels. \n\nCandy Crush Saga playlist by CandyCrushers:”


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