cAn a tHiCc gUrL bEaT a bOt? | Brawl Stars

A few time ago it was revealed by the Youtuber IX Chrrisxy, another amazing video “cAn a tHiCc gUrL bEaT a bOt? | Brawl Stars”.

As informed in the youtube page by IX Chrrisxy: “Heyyy everyone I apologize for not posting that often and this video cuz it’s cringy already but don’t worry on the next vid it will be much better than this one

I will be showing the new update and my game progress (tbh this is the best update of 2019 and I really need a break from grinding)

As usual check out my insta and discord. Link in the channel

Stay tHiCc fAm!

You can check the video below:

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