Pokemon Go Update: Which Pokemon Was Nerfed The Most? – TECHNEWS

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Description: Pokemon Go Update: Which Pokemon Was Nerfed The Most? – TECHNEWS
Pokemon Go Update: Which Pokemon Was Nerfed The Most?
Niantic has recently released an update regarding the balancing of each Pokemon present in the current roster of Pokemon Go. The said update both increased and decreased the combat powers of every Pokemon. With the said update, some players are frustrated to see their favorite Pokemon getting nerfed while others are pleased with the buffs on some Pokemon specie.

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According to the report from Otakukart, it was revealed that Ditto got nerfed the most with -24.78 percent.Another Pokemon who on the list is Magikarp. This water-type Pokemon has been so popular lately due to its evolved form, Gyarados, which is considered as one of the best attackers and defenders of the gym. Magikarp has been nerfed with a decrease in Attack by 13 but Defense has been increased by 18. The said Pokemon’s maximum CP has been reduced by 23.87 percent.

Next is Kakuna, this bug-type Pokemon has been too OP on gyms. Fans were reportedly pleased on the changes made to the bug Pokemon. Kakuna has now a present attack of -16 with Defense of +4. Additionally, its CP is now decreased to 24.06 percent while having final stats of 90 for Stamina, 46 for Attack and 86 for Defense. Lastly, the top of the list is Jigglypuff. This adorable balloon fairy-type Pokemon has been the most nerfed Pokemon so far.

Jigglypuff has both of its Attack and Defense reduced by 18 and 10 respectively and has now a reduced combat power of 26.32 percent. Jigglypuff has now 230 for Stamina, 80 for Attack and 44 for Defense. It has also been considered as one of the gym’s best defender in Pokemon Go before the update due to its massive stat line for Stamina. With the current change in the combat power and stats, it might affect its position in the rankings. However, we still cannot deny the fact that Jigglypuff will still be considered as a top gym defender in the game.

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