Roblox NEW CODES! BLUE Meteor! Power Simulator NEW UPDATE!

It was just posted in the channel Magikarp Films, another good video โ€œRoblox NEW CODES! BLUE Meteor! Power Simulator NEW UPDATE!โ€.

As informed by Magikarp Films: โ€œUpdate:
new area to train
new quest
buff training areas
new event and more!
The game is currently in beta, this means expect to encounter tons of bugs, and many things will be changed before full release

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Welcome to Power Simulator

Our city is in chaos! Will you become a superhero and serve out justice to all those who seek to rule the world, or will you become an evil villain to achieve global domination? The choice is yours.


PC skill controls are detailed in the skills page.
For Xbox, use left and right on the D-Pad in order to cycle through skills, tap left trigger to use the skill.
For mobile, tap the lightning bolt and select skill you want to use, then tap the sword to use the skill.

This game was made possible with Scottyโ€™s Developments, an influencer development company:

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