GOBLIN BARREL DRAFT CHALLENGE – Win a New Goblin Emote! Clash Royale

Just a few minutes ago it was posted by the Youtuber Erik Emanuelli, the amazing video “GOBLIN BARREL DRAFT CHALLENGE – Win a New Goblin Emote! Clash Royale”.

As informed by Erik Emanuelli: “Let’s play the new Goblin Barrel Draft challenge in Clash Royale. You can win chests, cards, gold and a new cool Goblin Emote!
Entry is free, if you have Pass Royale (otherwise, it’s 100 gems).
And if you have Season Pass, you can reset your losses as many times as you want!!!

How do I choose the cards in the DRAFT challenge?
Other than synergy, I pick the cards I’m most afraid to have against in a match.
Another tip is to choose both air and ground troops (it may seem obvious, but often is forgotten).
Something else that works for me is picking always the cards I’m familiar with. For example, I love Inferno Dragon and when I have chance, it’s always in my deck.

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