WHY ARE THESE SPLASHERS DEAD IN CLASH ROYALE? // The fall of Ice Wizard and Executioner with Tornado

A few time ago it was revealed in the channel Bailey OP – Clash Royale Strategy, another amazing video “WHY ARE THESE SPLASHERS DEAD IN CLASH ROYALE? // The fall of Ice Wizard and Executioner with Tornado”.

As informed in the youtube page by Bailey OP – Clash Royale Strategy: “We’ve been covering splash attackers a lot on this channel recently, so here’s a video based on two comments that people wanted me to discuss! Ice Wizard and Executioner used to be two of the most popular splash attackers inside of Clash Royale but balance changes, updates, and meta shifts within the game have caused these cards to fall to the side to either single target variants, or just Baby Dragon in general. In this video we discuss the how, why, and when of these two ancient cards #clashroyale

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You can check the video below:

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