Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Masters CONFIRMED! Pokemon GO Update & Legendary Lunch Hour!

A few time ago it was uploaded in the Youtube channel MegaCrasher, the video “Pokemon Sword & Shield Gym Masters CONFIRMED! Pokemon GO Update & Legendary Lunch Hour!”.

As pubished in the youtube video by MegaCrasher: “Can we SMASH 30 Likes? 🙂 Thank you all for watching and be sure to leave a Like, Comment and Subscribe if you want to see more of our content again! 🙂 #PositiveVibes #CrasherCommunity #PokemonGen8 #PokemonSwordShield

Welcome to a new Pokemon news video featuring Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as Pokemon GO! We have ourselves official confirmation that gyms are in fact back in the games as well as a new concept called; Gym Masters! It’s going to be interesting what this involves! What do you think? Next, we have ourselves an update rolling out for Pokemon GO users which involves fixes and a couple other things! We also have a unique idea/event called Legendary Lunch Hour starting on March 13th where it involves more spawns of level 5 raids from 12pm to 1pm local time! :] Hope you enjoy and please be sure to SMASH the Likes and Comments if you did! 😀 #PositiveVibes #CrasherCommunity #MegaCrasherArmy

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You can check the video below:

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