NEW SKIN IDEAS | Part 12 | Brawl Stars

Just a few time ago it was uploaded in the channel DrDarkness, another great video “NEW SKIN IDEAS | Part 12 | Brawl Stars”.

As informed by DrDarkness: “New skin idea in brawl stars part 12

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Valkhadin (Yakuza Colt)
CardboardBunker ( Snow Spike)
BullitKing41_YT ( Watermelon Darrly )
Mega-Idea-For-BS ( Rockstar Poco)
kDeiZ ( Frozen Spike )
Xbox7p9r ( Deadpool Leon )
IcyTamTam (Techno Roll)
EBManu ( Icy Leon )
JGPisaac (Robot Spike)
Xbox7p9r (Gene)
Nik_2 (Piper Poppins)
Cloudydaes ( Crow)
CRISTOLOVE2 (Agent bull)
Xbox7p9r (Piper)
riochann5230 ( Steam Punk Jessie )
IceOk ( Barely St. Patrick’s Day )
Horuslights12 ( Rich Carl)
Xbox7p9r ( Frank)

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You can check the video below:

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