Pokemon Go! just checking in with y all! sorry for another rubbish thumbnail

A few minutes ago it was uploaded by the channel StacksTV Plays Games, another video “Pokemon Go! just checking in with y’all! sorry for another rubbish thumbnail”.

As pubished by StacksTV Plays Games: “AH MORNING! im moved, im settling slowly, got plenty to do in the new house but i managed to make a video as a little catch up. it may feel a tad dated but thats cos i have no internet at my new pad and the internet in costa was almost useless!

but today we raid a couple of palkia, trade a new dex entry pokemon and take odi for a walk as we finally evolve our remaining original sinnoh stone pokemon. only 4 to go, plus mamoswine when it comes. which the news on the special move is annoying…… its not in the vid, dont worry 😉

thanks for sticking around tho guys. i cant wait to get set up properly and have content coming regular, perhaps even daily 🙂

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You can check the video below:

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