How To Build A Deck | Guide & Tips | Giant Beatdown | Clash Royale |

Just a few minutes ago it was revealed by the channel Hampsh – Mobile Gaming, another amazing video “How To Build A Deck | Guide & Tips | Giant Beatdown | Clash Royale |”.

As pubished in the youtube video by Hampsh – Mobile Gaming: “How to build a deck in Clash Royale? Guide and tips and also
live gameplay with Giant Beatdown on Ladder.

• for best deck tips.
•First find a win condition that you enjoy to play (all is viable)
•Use at least 2 spells (take the ones most fitting for your trophy range)
•Make personal changes even if pros and stats chose differently, •for personal
•comfort and according to trophy range.
•Think about what counters your win condition and what you can use to counter prevent that.

Copy deck:;26000035;28000009;28000008;26000014;26000030;26000039;26000041&id=PJ08QGQ

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You can check the video below:

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